Saturday, December 2, 2006

getting to Gibralter

WE have arrived in Southern Spain and we need to get to Gibraltar. The monkeys reckoned the best way was to get in by sea, scuba diving so mthat we would not be seen. We decided to set off when the3 light was fading to make it harder to detect us.

We put on wet suita and then our breathing apparatus. Theo's wet suit was a bit big, so we decided to put the oxygen cylinder inside the suit. We set off and went down in the sea to a depth where we thought we would not be seen fromn the shore. However, there appears that there was a leak in Thoe's cylinder and it started to inflate his suit. This meant that he rose to the surface and was having difficulty in swimming. All of a sudden the seam in the suit near Theo's bottom split and he shopt off at a rather high speed towards the shore. Fortunatley he was not hurt.

Although he was not hurt, Thoe did frighten a family out for a late night walk on the beach. In the half light they saw Theo and thought that he was a large shark, heading straight for them. I don't think that they have run so fast for years.

Will let you konw how we get on in Gibraltar when I get chance.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Arrival in Spain

Arrived in Spain after a long journey in Dodgy Dereck's van; very uncomfortable. Had to keep hidden going through customs at the Channel Tunnel, they didn't notice two bears hidden amongst the clothing stored in the back. Theo looked good in a fur coat- he got quite upset when I told him. Customs men thought the van had a horrible smell; Theo does have strong aftershave! Theo thinks thst he is quite macho. Deluded bear.

Met up withn monkeys who have promised to get us into Gibraltar; hope to get a plane from there.Waiting for Nige to turn up to get us across the border.


Saturday, November 18, 2006

Introducing Ted

This is Ted P Bear, a bear of many years experience of life. Like most Polar bears he is fond of his penguin bitter, although he will settle for Pilchard Pilsner if there is no penguin available. He's had many adventures, along with his friend Theo, who is also a polar bear, with annoying habits. They have recently returned form South Georgia in the South Atlantic, where they managed to save the penguin brewery from falling in to the hands of the sharks.

Ted is at present on his way to Australia to save his friend who's been kidnapped by the Koalas! His first stop is in Gibralter, to seek help from the macaque monkeys of the rock. I'll post more news about Ted when i hear from him.